"Websites promote you 24/7: No employee would do that." -Paul Cookson.

A school website is one very important 'must-have' for any school business that wants to do well. It is a window for any school business, and it is one of the first impressions anyone gets when they first come in contact with your school. It affects the overall image and reputation of your school, which can lead to increased admissions or little or no interest from parents.

A school's website should contain the core and critical information of the school’s everyday operations, its teaching, growth, evolution, and enhanced performance and productivity-- this is what parents would be most interested in. If you don’t have a website, there’s a good chance that a potential parent might completely bypass you for another choice. Here are some of the reasons why having a school website matters:

  1. Makes your school more credible: Many a time, after hearing about a school, people go online to check it out to be sure it really exists, and to see for themselves that it would make a right fit for their children. Your school's website is one of the best places to display information about your school. Parents would have more confidence enrolling their kids into your school when they see what you stand for, the values you provide, the kind of learning environment you've provided for the students, and much more, what other parents say about you.
  2. Allows you reach a broader audience: Imagine having to meet up to 50 persons in a day telling them each about your school and the values you give? Truth is, you would never be able to convey the same information to them, and you might end up selling your school short to some people. Having a school website can help you reach a large audience at the same time, conveying the same information to them so they can see the values you offer and enroll their children in your school.
  3. Helps you communicate important information: A school website is one of the easiest ways to communicate important information about your school, (e.g, admissions). People can easily visit your school's website and all the necessary information and requirements for the admission process, for example. You can also upload content like an upcoming valedictory service, or other important events where special guests may have been invited to, to invite people, etc.
  4. Encourages students' engagement in school activities: For schools that have extra-curricular activities like students' clubs, a school website can be one of the best ways to show parents amazing things students do in your school. For instance, you can encourage members of the writers' club to write articles, stories, poems, or blogs, and post the best on the school's website every week. You can also encourage students who have an interest in creating comics to create some for the school and post on the school's website. This encourages the students to want to participate actively, seeing that their talents are not going to waste, but rather, can serve as a means to make them valued.
  5. A venue for implementing a feedback mechanism: With an interactive feature on your school's website, parents and visitors can easily give feedback on your school, rather than writing emails or calling over the phone. This feedback can help you improve your school's services to encourage more enrolment. It also allows you to respond to complaints from parents easily.


Creating an effective school website does not happen overnight. You can hire a professional to help you set up a website for your school if it doesn't have any, and you can also hire a professional to help you manage the website. Always remember, your school's website can be one of your best selling points, and as much as you can, ensure it is easy to navigate, and filled with useful, attractive, and engaging content.