For Schools and parents, maintaining a healthy rapport between each other is very important. For schools, technology has greatly enhanced this possibility.

Schools create Whatsapp group chats with their parents, some send newsletters while others send bulk SMS. These channels have their pros and they come with their limitations also.

  • Whatsapp group chats have a membership limit of 256. For schools with a large population, the purpose of the group is defeated.

  • Messages on whatsapp get lost in transition. The more messages are sent on the group,make it difficult for parents to track the important information they need on the group chats.

  • Not all parents can access newsletters via their emails.

  • The open rates of newsletters is negligible and is not a guaranteed way schools can reach parents.

  • Bulk SMS's cost the schools a lot of money to send messages to their parents.Sending different messages per time is expensive.

  • The open rate(s) of SMS is also not a guaranteed.

  • Bulk SMS's have a short character limit.

With these shortcomings in mind, we have built a more inclusive and robust communication channel on our app that empowers schools and parents to have a healthier and more seamless rapport with each other.

The Schoolable communications channel:

  • has no membership limits. No matter the school size, communicating with parents is possible.

  • allows schools send direct messages to specific parents and or group of parents with just a few clicks.

  • costs the schools and the parents almost nothing to use and implement. All they need do is sign up and register as a user as schools and parents getting the schoolable mobile app.

  • schools can send newsletters, school calendars, reminders, any type of media to parents and are guaranteed that parents recieve the message on their mobile devices.

  • comments can be enabled on posts sent by schools to parents. That way, parents can give their feedback on different information that is being shared. Schools in turn can use the feedback to improve their schools.

Features of the Communication Channel for Schools

It is important to note that only schools can edit the content sent through the communications channel to their parents. The Parents in turn can reply messages they receive from schools from their own mobile device.

To better understand what the communications channel from the school's end  looks like and what features are available for the schools to implement, read through the simple explanations we shared below:  


Every term, there are different events that schools prepare for. With the calendar feature, schools can now send timely reminders of when an event is set to take place with every detail of the event added to the message. This way parents are always aware of upcoming events.


With this feature, when schools have special offers, bonuses and discounts for parents, this is a good way to send unique messages to the parents. These reward messages can also be sent to all parents in a school's database if need be.

Pin Posts

School owners can enable certain important posts appear permanently as a top post on the mobile devices of users (parents). This makes it possible to pass relevant information that requires urgent attention between school and parents.


Through the newsletter feature, schools can create short and long form content they want to share with parents . They are able create titles, add multiple blocks of text, add photographs and embed videos to each newsletter.
Schools are also able to toggle between sending messages to specific parents on their database or sending messages to all students at once.

All Users

With this option, schools can choose to send either a newsletter, calendar or reward to all users in their database.

Selected Users

This is a feature that enables schools send either a newsletter, calendar or reward to all specific users in their database. This feature allows for flexibility for school owners who have specific messages to unique parents or group of parents.

The benefits of this communication can not be overstated. It makes for a better, more robust and more seamless means of communication between schools and parents. When both sides keep in touch, a lot of existing problems are solved and potential challenges are easily navigated around.

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