We know how difficult paying school fees can be.  Sometimes you wish that it could be made easier. What if we told you that we have made it easier? That would be great, wouldn’t it?

It would definitely be easier to pay ₦50,000 per month for school fees than to pay ₦200,000 every four months. A lot of Nigerians live on the monthly salary they get from their 8-5 jobs, so it is easier for you to take out a portion of your salary every month and pay for your kid's school fees monthly as opposed to paying a lump sum at the beginning of every term. All these seem enticing so we decided to go ahead and change the game.

How are we changing the game?

We have created a new service which will allow you to pay your kid’s school fees monthly and no longer make termly lump sum commitments. The Schoolable pay school fees monthly service eases the stress of paying school fees on you. How? We will pay your kid's school fees at the beginning of every term, and you pay us monthly.

Wait, there’s more. We offer flexible payment over the course of a term but you have to complete all payments before the start of the next term. All you need is to create a Schoolable savings plan and fund the plan with at least 60% of your kid's termly school fees and then you can begin to pay for your kid's tuition monthly.

How Does Schoolable Monthly School Fees Service Work?

  1. Download the Schoolable app from Google play store or the IOS app store.
  2. Register an account and create a savings account for your kids.
  3. Fund the account with up to 20% of your children’s Annual school fees.
  4. At the start of every new term, Schoolable will pay your children's school fees.
  5. You maintain a constant monthly payment throughout the academic year.
  6. Parents can regularly contribute to the savings account if they want to.

*Schoolable is very flexible with the monthly payments but all the payments for the previous term must be completed before the next term begins.

Benefits of the Schoolable Pay School Fees Monthly Service

  1. You can forget about making lump sum payments for school fees. Schoolable will make the lump sum.
  2. Your kid's school fees is paid at the beginning of each term, so you don't have to worry about trying to gather funds at the beginning of each term.
  3. The deposit of 60% of your kid's termly school fees you made at the beginning of the plan will always be yours and you will be earning interest on the saving.
  4. With a single investment of a term's tuition into the trust, you can begin the journey of securing your child's education future while taking care of his/her immediate tuition fee need.
  5. Nothing is going on behind closed doors, you get to see every transaction and every deposit into your Schoolable savings plan down to the single kobo.

*Terms and conditions apply