Leading a team, whether large or small demands a lot from you. Your teammates have a lot of expectations from you and look up to you for character traits they also can imbibe. As a school owner, you're automatically the school's team leader, and how you carry yourself and your teammates (who in this case are your staff) determines how well your school business would perform. Being a good team leader is not determined by how much dominance you have over your teammates, but by how well you can carry them and work with them towards achieving the goals of your school. Here are 5 ways to effectively manage your team:

  1. Flexibility: One major trait you should have as a team leader is flexibility. You should be able to adjust easily to changes, and you should also be open to new ideas and ways of doing things. For example, your school might already have a set way of doing things, but if one of your teammates has a different strategy, which is likely to yield better results, you should be able to welcome such. In turn, your team members will feel freer to contribute ideas and give suggestions, thereby enhancing creativity. Always remember that you can't always know everything, and you can't always be right.
  2. Have high expectations: You will never get the best of your staff if you always have low expectations of them. Sometimes, your staff are capable of more than you give them credit for so unless you expect more, they won't do more. Having high expectations of them allows you to get the very best they have to offer to your school. As the team leader, you should set good standards that your staff can live up to. Them, knowing you have high expectations would always do everything within their power to live up to that expectation and dish out the best to the development of the school.
  3. Set your school's policies and structure: Sometimes, your staff can go a bit overboard when you create enough room for friendliness. Some people like to take things for granted and can mistake your openness and friendship for an avenue to go against your school's policies. As a team leader, you should set your school's policies and structure, and make your staff aware of them and the implications of going against them. You should also be strict with this so they don't take it for granted.
  4. Empower your teachers: Your teachers make the largest part of your teammates because they are many, and the value they give also contributes to the expansion and prosperity of your school business. To give value back to them as a good team leader, you should seek to empower them by organizing or paying for trainings for them so they can be better at what they do. It would also give them more confidence in their field of specialization, and encourage them to give back more value to the students.
  5. Be kind: Respect is reciprocal. If you're going to earn the respect of your teammates as a good team leader, then you must equally respect them. Always ensure to show kindness whenever you're dealing with your staff. Use kind words even when correcting them, rather than being harsh or insulting. Also, make it a habit to give compliments for jobs well-done and hard work. This encourages them to do better, and it also livens their atmosphere. Show kind gestures too by giving gifts every once in a while to appreciate their efforts.