We have all been there, we have all made promises to save for a certain period and we broke the promise 💔. Don't worry it's very common, we all break our promises.

To be a disciplined saver, you need to go beyond self-will and give an extra push. Schoolable is willing to offer you that extra push to boost your saving discipline.

Saving for school fees is a difficult challenge. Sometimes you need to buy new clothes, you need to pay for DSTV. This is where automating your savings comes in. You can save up a portion of your kid's school fees once you get salary alert and then you can budget for the rest of the month. After all, education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

This is why we have made it possible to automate your savings. For example: You can automate your plan to save ₦5,000 every month, then you relax and we will take care of the tricky parts.

How To Set Up An Automated Savings Plan

  1. Download the latest Schoolable app.
  2. Signup and create a free account. You can login after creating the account.
  3. Tap on "Create a savings plan", then select the type of plan you wish to create.
  4. Add your kid, give your plan a name.
  5. Select how often you want to save for (it can be daily, weekly or monthly).
  6. Then select the duration of the plan.
  7. Select how much you want to save at each interval.
  8. Review the plan and confirm your selections.
  9. Next you will be prompted to to add your debit card to automate the savings.
  10. You're done!!! You have successfully set up an automated savings plan.

How To Edit Your Savings Plan

You set up an automated plan with a monthly saving frequency and now you feel that you can save more and you want to set the frequency to a weekly frequency. We understand that you may want to change the frequency of your savings and we allow you to do that. You can change the frequency to a weekly or even a daily frequency.

Here's how you can change your savings frequency:

  1. Login to your Schoolable app and select the plan you wish to edit.
  2. Click on the "Edit plan" button.
  3. Then you can proceed to change the frequency of your automated plan.

Can I Pause My Automated Plan?

We wouldn't be serving you fully if we do not allow you pause your automated plan when you wish to. Our automated plans can be paused within a few seconds and can also be enabled again when you deem fit.

If you need to pause your automated savings plan, click on the "Edit plan" button in the plan. Scroll to the status of the plan and click on the toggle button and it will change to On Hold. Clicking the button will make the plan active again.


Why should I save for school fees?