Resumption for the third term may seem far away but nothing beats proper planning. Planning for the third term school fees starts now.

Schoolable assists parents to plan better for the next school fees and offers different options to enable parents do this.

How do I properly plan for the next school fees?

Paying school fees at the beginning of a term seems like a very difficult task. It can be frustrating trying to gather all the funds needed to pay school fees.

But what if......what if you could set aside a portion of your school fees every month? That would make it easier, wouldn't it? I guess so.

Let's break it down;

A school year is made up of 12 months (3 terms). This is further broken down into 4 months per term; which means you have 4 months to plan for a term. Saving a quarter of your kid's school fees every month seems doable, right? It's easier to save up ₦25,000 every month for school fees than to gather ₦100,000 when school is about to resume.

This brings us to the next question........

How can I save for my kid's school fees?

The simple answer is Schoolable.

Schoolable offers different plans for parents who wish to save for their kid's school fees.  All you have to do is download the Schoolable app and create a savings plan and start saving towards your kid's tuition. Easy, right?

You can also decide to pay for your kids school fees directly from the Schoolable mobile app when the term resumes.

Don't forget that there are interests to be earned when you save your fees on Schoolable.

So to recap.....

What are the benefits of saving for school fees?

  1. You don't have to panic when school is about to resume because you have properly planned for it.
  2. Saving your kid's school fees can protect it from unforeseen circumstances. When it's time to pay school fees, the savings is always there for you.
  3. It ensures that your kids are never out of school.
  4. You earn interests on your savings when you save on Schoolable.
  5. You can automate your savings and don't have to stress about school fees.

You can download the Schoolable app here and start planning for your kid's school fees.

Happy planning 😊