Do you have issues collecting fees from parents on time and reconciling them?

In this webinar, Mr. Arinze Aniezue, the School Director of The Cradle Schools shares his experiences managing a school, dealing with debts from parents over the years, and adopting a solution that works best for school fees collection and reconciliation in his school.

Mr. Oluwayomi Ojo, the Founder of Schools Compass also relays some of the pains school owners have shared with him with regards to collecting school fees from parents on time and reconciling the payments correctly.  

Our CEO, Henry Nnalue, explains issues most school owners he has interacted with have with regards collecting school fees and reconciling them. He also talks a little about the journey that led to him starting Schoolable to help school owners solve most of these issues. Lastly, he provides helpful solutions that schools can adopt in ensuring they collect school fees from parents on time and reconcile these payments accordingly to ensure the smooth running of the school.

Every session was very insightful and educative. Please, watch till the end.